Courtney Pulitzer Creations

Courtney Pulitzer CreationsCourtney Pulitzer Creations was founded by Courtney Pulitzer. The company informs, enlightens and enriches the Internet community through useful and positive information as well as relationship fostering. With all its properties, the company strives to provide entertaining insider information about the Internet and to connect people from around the world to learn about each other, share information, ideas and develop relationships meant to strengthen the new wired world, economy and business. There are currently four venues the company uses to accomplish this mission: Cocktails with Courtney, Courtney Pulitzer’s Cyber Scene, CyberScene TV, the Morning Circle and Venture Circle

Believing strongly in the need for personal human connection, Courtney Pulitzer Creations began its signature event Cocktails with Courtney in September 1998. These internationally known networking events draw new media elite interested in seeing old friends, meeting new ones and networking with potential business partners and investors. These invitation-only events include a rich cross-section of people including creative and technical management, analysts, investors and media from both start-ups and established firms. In contrast to the slick, high-tech feel of the new economy, Cocktails with Courtney events are typically held in more classic, traditional settings to evoke the charm of old-world style and elegance. The resulting ambiance creates an environment conducive to conversations and meaningful encounters, in contrast with many dot-com club-night extravaganzas.

In addition, Courtney Pulitzer Creations disseminates quality information in an engaging manner with Courtney Pulitzer’s Cyber Scene newsletter. This popular, influential weekly email newsletter tracks the people, companies, community and culture in wired cities around the world. This publication reaches over 50,000 Internet and new media professionals who use it to keep tabs on the industry from a local perspective. Readers can find out who was where, with whom and what their partner and rival companies were up to.

Our other area of evolution was with our Morning Circle breakfast series. These breakfasts were uniquely different from other morning seminars. Like interactive theater, we brought the panelists down from the stage and seat them at round tables with the audience. By structuring the session this way, each attendee left with a guaranteed higher-level experience of conversation and networking. The company also launched a membership club, where members, depending upon their level of membership, can receive various discounts at events, with merchants and utilize the network of contacts.

The Stardust Circle continued in the tradition of all Courtney Pulitzer Creations events by bringing together the best, brightest and most interesting people from diverging points-of-view and background to converge, converse and communicate on a variety of compelling topics of the day. The Stardust Circle: because it’s at dusk and we bring a little glamour to all our events. Even the tech fields needed a little sparkle, and the people we brought together are the dazzlers in the crowded landscape of technology.

Courtney Pulitzer Creations also developed an online show CyberScene TV. Similar to focus of the newsletter, CyberScene TV aimed to inform and entertain those in the industry and those curious about it. Initially beginning with full-length shows broken into several clips, the show focused on exploring the “cyber scene” in various cities. Three main elements defined the show: how the new media industry got started in that particular town; an in-depth personality profile of a major player or up-and-comer; and a glimpse into that week’s parties. Currently there are shows on New York, London, Austin and the South by Southwest Conference. The shows format evolved to a weekly production schedule of short clips about the news and events of the week for different cities. CyberScene TV will had an on-air component as well.