Book Mentions


  • Bleeding Edge by Thomas Pynchon (2013) By American author Thomas Pynchon, this novel is a detective story, centered on 9/11 in NYC and the transformation of the world by the Internet.
  • Women’s Letters: America from the Revolutionary War to the Present (2005) The husband-and-wife duo turn their considerable talents to this tome of 400 letters of American women. Ranging from grand historical events to emails about life’s hardships, the letters are accompanied by information about the topics included, biographical details about the author and the recipient and other interesting facts.
  • Time Off For Good Behavior (2005) Former ad-agency CEO Mary Lou Quinlan interviews 37 women who’d had great success and then for a variety of reasons took time off to re-evaluate and ultimately re-emerge.
  • Full Frontal PR: Building Buzz About Your Business, Your Product, or You (2003) PR pros discuss how you can achieve publicity for your business (or yourself).
  • Digital Hustlers: Living Large and Falling Hard in Silicon Alley (2001) An “oral history” with interviews from Silicon Alley “players.” The reviews aren’t great, and they published a lot of petty gossip that takes it down a level.
  • Dotcom Divas: E-Business Insights from the Visionary Women Founders of 20 Net Ventures (2000) Profiling 20 of the best and brightest women who founded and ran successful dot-com businesses. It’s about “successful women who are creating real, thriving Web companies from visions that were initially just twinkles in their eyes.”
  • The Thinker’s Way (2000) by John Chaffee. Focuses on our ability to think and reflect, to understand our past and create our futures,” says philosophy professor and critical-thinking expert John Chaffee.