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“Bob Wyman, who invented one of the first Web pages, sees Pulitzer not only as a hostess but as an inventor in her own right: “Courtney looked around, saw that the social structure wasn’t there, and said ‘What the hell, why not make it a business?'” — The New Yorker (October 18, 2000)

“When Pulitzer giddily notes what various “curly topped” entrepreneurs confided to her between bites of “melt in your mouth hazelnut parfait,” she insists she’s not just stroking egos. “I’m going below the radar screen to put faces on what’s going on,” she says.” — Business Week (April 3, 2000)

“Called “Cocktails with Courtney” and sponsored by various startups, the parties have a hip vibe that was apparently sorely lacking in Silicon Alley: In just a year, rubbing shoulders with Ms. Pulitzer and her cohorts has become a de rigeur for established executives and hopeful entrepreneurs alike.” — Red Herring (February 2000)

“This winter, Pulitzer organized Silicon Alley’s first-ever black-tie party, a benefit for the Fresh Air Fund at the Metropolitan Club….One of Rudy Giuliani’s deputies read a note from the mayor: “I’d like to thank Manhattan’s own breath of Fresh Air, Courtney Pulitzer!”” — New York Magazine (March 6, 2000)

“[Courtney Pulitzer] is for the cyber-social-life what her distant, famed ancestor, Joseph Pulitzer, was for journalism.” — Entrepreneur (October 2000)

“Courtney Pulitzer has used the Net to go pro at partying. The Cyber Scene newsletter, her chatty write-up of industry events, is a weekly New York City e-treat, and she attends three to four functions nightly to deliver the dish… Her monthly Cocktails with Courtney soirees attract wall-to-wall crowds.” — Mademoiselle (August 2000)

“Go deeper into Silicon Alley at Cocktails with Courtney- sounds deceivingly racy–hosted by Courtney Pulitzer at restaurant Lot 61. Monthly drinks allow I.P.O. heavies to network and Courtney to introduce ’50s etiquette into cybercircuit.” — Bazaar (April 2000)

“Courtney Pulitzer (a distant relative of the newspaper magnate Joseph) writes an etiquette column for Hamptons Country magazine. She gives advice to uncouth technophiles on how to ‘tan, dine and schmooze with aplomb.'” — The Wall Street Journal (October 12, 2000)

“Party queen to the dot-com stars, New York’s Courtney Pulitzer is looking beyond her next gathering to more ambitious projects–like chronicling the history of the Internet in Silicon Valley for a Web-based TV audience–Bringing together highbrow CEOs and budding entrepreneurs under one roof is not an easy task, but Pulitzer does it with grace.” — Click (September 2000)

“Soho resident Courtney Pulitzer is cyber-socialite extraordinaire, but you won’t find her in chat rooms. As president of Courtney Pulitzer Creations, she runs a weekly newsletter, The Cyber Scene, as well as a monthly cocktail party, Cocktails with Courtney, informing and acquainting people from the Alley to the Valley.” — The Spirit (March 2000) 

[Courtney Pulitzer] has become a kind of weathervane for the state of New York’s Silicone Alley, which has long been in the shadow of California’s Silicone Valley. Reading Pulitzer’s column, it’s difficult not to ascertain that the center of New Media influence may be shifting.” — The Globe (October 30, 1999)

“CEOs, COOs and CFOs keep their Palm Pilots clear for “Cocktails with Courtney.” Venture Capitalists and marketing executives breathe a sigh of relief when an e-invitation lands in their in-box.” “Pulitzer entertains people in a different way – as a hostess and a gossip columnist. Her calling is to inject some life into the Internet community. And pass on some food manners along the way.” — The Independent (January 2000)
“[Courtney Pulitzer is one of the best-known figures in Silicon Alley. Her bits of information wind up in an E-mail newsletter — The Cyberscene — that CEOs and cyberserfs alike follow fanatically. Pulitzer also hosts monthly corporate-sponsored cocktail parties.” — Showtime – Click! (December 5, 1999)

“Courtney brings together a select group of high-tech professionals in a sophisticated atmosphere that generates a lot of buzz. Her events bring together venture capitalists looking for hot new start-ups, entrepreneurs looking for anything from funding to partners to employees, and gives techies who otherwise may be behind a screen all day a chance to share ideas and a cocktail with others who understand their high tech lingo.” — The Business Journal (September 2000)

“Courtney’s monthly cocktail event is known as the newcomers’ first stop when making their way inside the business and social network of the alley.” — Business 2.0 (June, 2000)

“Cocktails with Courtney is written about on site hosted by the nation’s happy hour diva, Courtney Pulitzer. Pulitzer has made a national name for herself hosting high-tech, celebrity-infested “Cocktails with Courtney” happy hours on cities like New York, Atlanta, Boston and San Francisco. Her events typically attract hundreds of people, whom she writes about on her Web site and in an e-mail list after every event.” — Austin American Statesman (May 2000)

“[Courtney pulitzer] knows-all, sees-all, and hears-all when it comes to the world of New York’s new media scene — even we couldn’t get past her.” —



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