Morning Circle

Martini Olive

Come hear the experts — You — speak on compelling topics over a nice, hot breakfast!

The Courtney Pulitzer Morning Circle series was uniquely different from any other breakfast networking episode. Like interactive theater, we brought panelists down from the stage and seated them at round tables with the audience. By structuring the session this way, each attendee will leave with a guaranteed higher-level experience of conversation and networking. Additionally, the Morning Circle attracted an audience of significant players where each person is the potential panelist. We kicked off the morning with brief keynote speakers who began the conversation and set the theme for the morning. Then, while the select group of attendees enjoy a hot breakfast of omlettes or pancakes, each table will continue its discussion.

We offered a printed directory of attendees for each person and compiled information from the breakfast for a printed publication.

Recognizing busy lives and schedules, the breakfast was treated as a power-breakfast and condensed the normal three-hour morning marathons experienced from other series, ours was focused into one hour. There was early check-in starting at 7:45 am and we started promptly at 8:00 am.

The format was also strikingly different. We had up to four experts speak for five – seven minutes on a topic. Then they join one of the roundtables and continue the discussion with the other “panelist-attendees.”


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