About Me

Using my depth of experience, creativity, and organization, I’m focused on creating great experiences.

Having worked in the tech scene, dot-com world and “Silicon Alley”​ since its nascence in New York, my career has been as diverse as the growing World Wide Web. Starting in mid-90s as a web designer, I quickly got involved in the Silicon Alley scene as a reporter for the popular @NY website. Heading out each night to 4-5 networking events I quickly built a network of New York’s most influential key players in the tech scene. Branching out from @NY I started my own newsletter (“The Cyber Scene”​) solely devoted to the people and events in this exploding industry.

Building on the momentum of my growing network and the networking energy I created a popular networking party series of my own, “Cocktails with Courtney.”​ These events, held every month in NYC, grew and I branched out to 16 cities nationwide. It was not long before I had requests for my “Cocktails”​ overseas and I produced two in London, one in Cannes and had plans in Stockholm, Paris and other cities.

My business, Courtney Pulitzer Creations, grew to a staff of five and I managed a team of national and international freelance reporters. We expanded our offerings to the Morning Circle and Stardust Circle seminars and Cyberscene TV.

Starting in 2002 I began taking some time off for personal growth and regaining balance in my over-extended life, I moved to Paris, France. After getting married and having a son, I restarted my event series in Paris and worked for a French-American association, giving me an opportunity to deepen my French and understand cultural differences.

Having moved to Tucson, AZ I am excited by the development of this incredibly creative and diverse city and about bringing my experience in fostering relationships, creating memorable and successful marketing projects and events, and writing, to collaborative endeavors.

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